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Bateria (Instruments)

The Escola de Capoeira Grupo Senzala of Teresópolis uses its own organization on the “Bateria”. For official events there are two options developed by Mestre Elias. For informal wheels is still possible to use a third composition.

Official Events

In official eventshe “Bateria” must be organized, in that sequence with the atabaque in the left side, by:

Agogo 1;
1; 1 Pandeiro
Berimbau Medium;
1 Berimbau Gunga;
1 Berimbau Viola;
1 Pandeiro;
1 Atabaque;

Official events with one berimbau

With only a berimbau, Mestre Elias uses the formation of Regional Capoeira. The “Bateria” must be organized, in that sequence, by:

1 Pandeiro;
1 Berimbau Medium;
1 Pandeiro;

Informal Events

In informal events, like “rodas” in the academy, the “Bateria” may be composed by one of the official formations or as described below, in this sequence:

Pandeiro 1;