History - Mestre Elias

José Elias da Silva, Mestre Elias, born in Recife (Pernambuco) in 1951, moved to the city of Teresopolis, in Rio de Janeiro, in 1967. He began practicing Capoeira Academy in 1968 with a teacher named Carlinhos de Recife. In 1972 Elias had his first Mestre of Capoeira, Mestre Geraldão. In 1975 had Girardan as mestre. In 1976 Mestre Elias moved to Rio de Janeiro to work and study. During this period he met Grupo Senzala of Capoeira on Travessa Angrense in Copacabana. Elias became fascinated by the work of Grupo Senzala, and became familiar with the fundamentals, technique and teaching developed.
In 82, Elias brought Grupo Senzala to Teresopolis, under the responsibility of Mestre Itamar.
In order to enhance their knowledge and be better able to meet the needs of their students, Elias graduated in Physical Education from Universidade Salgado de Oliveira (UNIVERSO)
In 1990 Elias was was made corda vermelha (red rope) by Mestre Itamar, a founder of Grupo Senzala.
In 1995 he received the first call through Mestre Peixinho to develop work abroad, being a part of the initial burst of capoeira in France, where Elias sent his son Michel York to begin his work on the old continent.
Since then the school has gained strength abroad, and Mestre Elias is one of the people responsible for the evolution of capoeira in Europe, especially in France.
Elias toured Brazil and abroad, participating in meetings, lectures, symposia, teaching courses and driving events in several countries in Europe, Asia, USA and Latin America.