History - Grupo Senzala

Grupo Senzala de Capoeira was formed in the '60s by young capoeiristas who trained under the leadership of brothers Rafael and Paulo Flores Viana. From there, the group sought always to improve, through contacts with other capoeiristas, researching teaching methodologies, and seeking grounds with the old guard of capoeira in several visits to Salvador, Bahia.
It was in 1967 that the group, seeking greater experience, enrolled in the tournament "Berimbau de Ouro". To everyone's surprise, the group won the tournament for three consecutive years, winning the trophy permanently. In addition to maturity, the group earned respect and gained national prominence. Later, the Group is decentralized, with its members teaching in various places such as clubs, gyms, unprivileged communities and universities, meeting on the occasion of the formation of new "mestres" or graduados (graduate students).
Grupo Senzala believes that the process of education and awareness of the people is linked rescuing their cultural identity, and is therefore essential to know our roots.
Capoeira brings in its core, elements that will give us tools to achieve these goals.
Currently, Senzala spans several states in Brazil and many European countries and in North America and, despite having thousands of students in this period, formed a few "mestres".
It is this demand for quality and technical excellence, combined with dedication and awareness of historical values of Capoeira, which has made and maintained the name "SENZALA" as one of the oldest and well known groups in Brazil.