Library and Documentation - Statute


In our philosophy we always call a teacher the ones that already reached the corda ROXA (PURPLE rope) and is developing work in capoeira, otherwise it is just a graduate. Similarly, the corda verde (GREEN ropes), who are teaching classes will be called instructors. The teachers,  corda ROXA (PURPLE rope), can only baptized their graduating students up to the corda azul the (blue rope), the MARRON (BROWN) ropes until ROXA (PURPLE ropes) and Instructors may only evaluate up to corda laranja (ORANGE rope).The other graduações (graduates) are the responsibility of the Mestre.
Foreigners may only receive corda azul (blue) or verde (green ropes) in their country if they have been to Brazil a minimum of two times. As they use cordas that require more responsibilities, the student can start teaching classes under the responsibility of his Mestre or teacher. They can also play IUNA. This way, they will have more experience, deepen their knowledge and see how this art works in its origin. A foreign capoeirista will only understand a little more about Capoeira after spending some time in Brazil, training and knowing the various ways to play Capoeira.


The student must be always training. The ones that are teaching classes should schedule them so as to not conflict with the hours of the classes in the HEADQUARTERS, in order to avoid interrupting your workouts while seeking evolution. Students residing outside of Brazil shall enjoy, when possible, the possibility of training with Mestre Elias whenever he is in their cities or even with another Mestre of Grupo Senzala. When these students are in Brazil, they should check for updates and enjoy the time to train, setting an example to their pupils and students to admire.


The teacher will have to use OFFICIAL (white shirt and abbot) of your group when teaching classes, as well as during SHOWS or PRESENTATIONS.